Are you looking for a space where members listen to each other and openly express thoughts and feelings?


Group therapy provides a unique opportunity to address concerns in a safe space and encourage others who face similar difficulties, while improving your social network. As doctoral-level mental health professionals, providing information and strategies to assist in relieving stress and improve mood while building community has been the hallmark of our experiences and practice.

Group therapy focuses more on self-exploration and awareness of interpersonal dynamics (thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and reactions) to change an interpersonal concern. Additionally, it offers an ability for clients to receive feedback, support, and accountability while learning, practicing, and enhancing coping skills. Expect a small intimate setting of approximately 5-7 individuals with similar interests or challenges. Active participation is encouraged though we understand individuals are unique and may participate in different ways.

Are you interested in participating in treatment within a group setting? Harrison Psychological Services is currently offering the following groups virtually below.

Available Groups

Grieving Your Losses

Wednesdays | 5pm - 6:15pm

We understand that the grief process is different for everyone. This is a 12-week semi- structured group open to those experiencing all types of loss including the death of someone close, the loss of a significant relationship, and any other profound life-changing event. The group will meet weekly and is specifically designed for adults.

Coping During Covid

Mondays | 5pm - 6:15pm

Are you experiencing frustrations regarding adjustments made during this time? Need a space to express concerns, fears, or gratitude in the mist? This 6-week group is designed to provide social support during a time of social distancing. The group will meet weekly and is specifically designed for adults.

Stress Management Strategies

Mondays | 6:30pm - 7:45pm

Do you desire to learn specific skills to help manage levels of stress and anxiety experienced? This 8-week group will be a combination of processing some experiences and application of stress management techniques, while offering support to fellow group members. The group will meet weekly and is specifically designed for adults.

If interested in any of groups, please schedule a brief consult and you will be provided a start date for the next session series.

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"Some of the most comforting words in the universe are 'me too.' That moment when you find out your struggle is also someone else's struggle, that you're not alone and others have been down the same road."

~ Unknown