Sex Offender Treatment

Experienced doctoral-level professionals with experience completing Sex Offender Evaluations and treatment in the correctional and community setting.

Sex Offender Treatment

Harrison Psychological Services, LLC facilitates comprehensive sex offender and sex-compulsive treatment for adult men and women. Sex offender treatment (SOT) is a cognitive-behavioral and psycho-educational treatment aimed to change both an offender's maladaptive thinking and actions while simultaneously addressing an offender’s sexually deviant behaviors. Sex offenders use ineffective means to cope with negative emotional states. Therefore, comprehensive sexual offender treatment strives to minimize the risk of further physical or emotional harm to other individuals by containing the damage and attempting to reduce the probability of future sex-offending behaviors. A sex offender may receive treatment that addresses sexual offending, risky thoughts, and risky behavior.

Treatment is provided for both primary (SO2) and education/maintenance (SO1) in group and individual (if deemed appropriate) formats. Through psychosexual evaluations and consultation, clarification regarding appropriateness of treatment plans can be provided to improve service provision.

Available Groups

Primary SO1

Mondays | 7:45pm - 9pm

Primary SO2

Wednesdays | 7pm - 9pm
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